I help ideas get passed a spark in the brain and transform them into something tangible. My events are once in a lifetime experiences and my content is unique to its brand. If you take your ideas seriously, let's talk!


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Whether you want consultation on an idea you are thinking of pursuing or want hands-on help with an event/digital platform, we can figure out if J is the right fit. Your first consultation is free!

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There's always an upcoming event! May it be one that J is being featured in, helping curate or curating herself, they're all dope. From meetups to workshops to festivals, check out the full event lineup below.

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J interviews creatives and influencers of all backgrounds. The intention of all these conversations is that we all can learn from one another by sharing our personal and professional experiences.

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Doing Things on Your Own Terms with New York Lifestyle and Fashion Photographer Justin Bridges

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I'm on a mission to inspire millions via the power of conversation and experience. We all have a story to tell or an idea to pursue, whether as an individual or brand collective. It's my passion to help share that in a way that is uniquely influential.

— Jocelyn Valencia


Dee Poku Spalding on Using Your Resources Wisely and Creating The Other Fest

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There's so many awesome conferences! Having nobody to go with shouldn't stop you from experiencing it. Create & Cultivate dug what I had to say.



If you are an artist applying to perform at a festival, please invest in yourself by having a good bio and a fresh selection of your best work to show. 


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LA MUJER aims to add light to the fire that is the womxn's movement by uplifting womxn of color, womxn in business, and womxn creatives.


“Jocelyn is focused, hardworking, and relentlessly positive. Never have I worked with someone who consistently makes those around her markedly better.” - Justin Hunte, Ambrosia for Heads