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My name is Jocelyn Valencia, a multi-faceted creative entrepreneur passionate about curating valuable, fun content and experiences. I am the Founder of this boutique agency, JRECOGNIZE, where I primarily work with artist, brands and organizations in bringing ideas of all scales to life.

I also run an annual music festival, which was Founded in 2015, called the Tucson Hip Hop Festival. It's extremely community driven and has garnered the attention of both national and local festivals/publications. It's been one of the most rewarding, challenging, and best things I've ever had a hand in creating and I take lots of pride in it. 

Aside from taking on clients and my festival, I also produce smaller scaled events that uplift community, artistry, self-care and self-development. All of which are aspects I try to integrate into all my personal curations.

My diverse experience has allowed me to develop a diverse skillset. I've been very fortunate to have been able to explore working in many different positions (with various organizations) in the event and content production industries, which in turn helped me discover both my niche and passions. 

On my free time I like to eat at local restaurants, work at coffee shops in new cities, and read self-development books under the sun!

“I’m on a mission to inspire millions via the power of words and experience. We all have a story to tell or an idea to pursue and it’s my passion to help share that in a way that is uniquely influential.”
— J

The Brand

What began as an online platform in 2014 to showcase my storytelling passion featuring the stories of creatives and influencers of all backgrounds (still stands), progressively transformed into the boutique experience and content curation agency that it is today.

JRECOGNIZE typically works with three different types of clients aiding in the development of ideas (none of which are too-big or too-small):







The agency specializes in experiential marketing, creative strategy, and project management, and has the ability to scale its team up or down in order to deliver the best for its clients.

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2018 Women of Influence, Arts & Culture Champion


Spirit of Excellence Award Recipient


2017 Best Local Festival

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