The Bloom Freely Co.

this project will unfold like flowers - at it's own pace and in harmony with the seasons. 

The Bloom Freely Co is a self-care focused brand that aims to cultivate spaces to #bloomfreely. As of now, this space looks like a thematic session that consists of a keynote speaker, a journaling workshop, and guided yoga and meditation.

Follow the journey and get some self-care inspo on the Bloom Freely Instagram.

what does blooming freely mean to you?


Bloom Freely Session I: Body Positivity with Keynote Jes Baker

Jes Baker is a Tucson blogger and author who is on a mission to turn our society's concept of beauty on its oppressive head as she knows for a FACT that every person in this world is worthy of respect and feeling valued regardless of their size, shape, shade, sex, ability, gender, age or health records. Jes’ blog covers a mixture of subjects ranging from the delightful to the uncomfortable. These topics include but are not limited to: notes on the hazardous journey of body acceptance, how to take boudoir photos, rape culture, reasons why you should get a million kittens, equality, feminism rants, why you don't have to be everyone's best friend, and general empowerment. Mostly, Jes just wants The Militant Baker to be a place in the blogosphere that offers fresh and colorful perspective on what is presented as normal to those immersed in our gender bent, body loathing society. She believes in the importance of body autonomy, ALL CAPS, self-love, mental health, strong coffee, and even stronger language.

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