Events Curated by J

All events produced by Jocelyn are heart and community driven. As diverse as all these events may be (from Hip Hop shows to self-care sessions), they all have the intention of bringing people together and build community. Below are the main productions, head on over to the events calendar to see the full line-up!


Tucson Hip Hop Festival

With a total of almost 10k attendees positively impacted by this annual festival to date, the Tucson Hip Hop Festival showcases the eclectic community and culture that exists here in the city. Alongside regional and national performers, artists, educators, supporters and more, this festival is a lifetime experience!

The Future is Sisterhood.png


The womxn's movement has been nothing short from inspiring. More and more we are seeing womxn entrepreneurs and their businesses being highlighted. But we all know the underrepresentation of womxn of color still exists. As do the lack of resources and opportunity in comparison to their white and male counterparts. With that said, LA MUJER was created.


Coffee & Content

A monthly meetup that began solely for bloggers turned into a meetup for all creatives in general, seeking to learn from and connect with one another! Coffee & Content is currently undergoing a rebranding as we restructure to suit all creatives needs in the most efficient, fun, and unique way (with lots of delicious local coffee involved).

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The Bloom Freely Co.

The Bloom Freely Co is a self-care focused brand that aims to cultivate spaces to #bloomfreely. As of now, this space looks like a thematic session that consists of a keynote speaker, a journaling workshop, and guided yoga and meditation.