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I created JRECOGNIZE to serve as a creative outlet to house my inspirations and journey as an experience and content curator. Not only was it created as a space to express visions and ventures but, also, to inspire others and spread positivity. From showcasing other artists and entrepreneurs to collaborating with fellow creatives, I'll be documenting my life, the lives of others, and write informative posts for healthy self-development + dope insight.

HipHop DX, BattleRap, Bloguettes, Zocalo Magazine, Daily Wildcat, Tucson Weekly, AZ Daily Star, Hot 98.3, KXCI, and more!

I am the Co-Director/Owner of the annual Tucson Hip Hop Festival. I, also, run a fun monthly blogger meetup called Coffee and Content and a seasonal self-care focused brand called The Bloom Freely Co. In regards to volunteer work that I'm happy to contribute my time to: I'm the Social Media Manager/Co-Host for Words On the Avenue, and Event Curator for TEDxTucson + the Tucson Poetry Festival. My sweet, predictably last 9-to-5 is being the Community Ambassador for Connect Coworking

denim jeans, white tees, and big windows. rooted sunflowers, genuine hugs, and silly humor. touching poetry, new books (physical copies always), and the occasional, overpriced vanilla soy latte. fresh ingredients, a good pen (black ink), and ocean mist. the smell of baked goods, spontaneous road trips, and live music. scented candles, crystals, and fruit salads (steak salads as of recent). open spaces, foreign experiences, and real love.  

I'm currently in Tucson, Arizona where saguaros were the vibe before they ended up in a kajillion watercolor paintings. I was raised in a small border town called Nogales, Arizona with most of my family being in Sonora, Mexico. I graduated with a B.A. in Human Rights, Justice, and Social Movements from the University of Arizona. My two minors are French and Hip Hop (Yes, Hip Hop. The first to graduate in the program!). Common is the root of me falling in love with Hip Hop, followed by ATCQ. I enjoy attending basketball games as much as I enjoy watching dance performances. I'm lactose intolerant but pizza will always make me break the rules.

If you have any Q's or comments, please feel free to reach out.