Content Worth Sharing and Services Worth Investing In


What began as an online platform in 2014 to showcase Jocelyn's storytelling passion featuring the stories of creatives and influencers of all backgrounds (still stands), progressively transformed into the boutique experience and content curation agency that it is today. JRECOGNIZE works with both individuals and brand collectives aiding in the development of ideas (none of which are too-big or too-small). The agency specializes in experiential marketing, creative strategy, and unique storytelling, and has the ability to scale its team up or down in order to deliver the best for its clients.


I’m on a mission to inspire millions via the power of conversation and experience. We all have a story to tell or an idea to pursue, whether as an individual or brand collective. It’s my passion to help share that in a way that is uniquely influential.
— Jocelyn Valencia