A monthly, intimate dialogue series for womxn (uplifting womxn of color) in both the entrepreneurship and creative spaces.

LA MUJER is resource and conversation driven.

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LA MUJER will start by bringing together ~20 mujeres each month in the business and creative realms to connect on an important topic of conversation where everyone in the space has the opportunity to express words and share resources. The long-term goal is to create a conference, multiple programs, and an easy to reach network of womxn to womxn supporters, bridging the gap between the mujeres throughout the Southwest.


The womxn's movement has been nothing short from inspiring. More and more we are seeing womxn entrepreneurs and their businesses being highlighted. But we all know the underrepresentation of womxn of color still exists. As do the lack of resources and opportunity in comparison to their white and male counterparts.

LA MUJER aims to add light to the fire that is the womxn's movement by uplifting womxn of color, womxn in business, and womxn creatives - specifically in the Southwest.


Did you receive an invite to be a part of the conversation at LA MUJER? Here's what that means:

If you personally received an invite, that means that someone thought of you when seeing the topic of conversation and felt you should be a part of it. Being given an invitation to LA MUJER is special because it was intentional. 

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Didn't receive an invite but want to attend? No hay problema.

This is an inclusive dialogue for all mujeres that want to take part. The only reason why invitations exist is because we want to keep LA MUJER as intentional and intimate as possible. Regardless, you - mujer - are more than welcomed to join. 

Are you a past attendee? Take advantage of the exclusive LA MUJER resource directory!


If you are passionate about an important topic and want to lead a conversation at a LA MUJER event, fill out the form below!

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