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  • Execute a timeline and workplan for the management of the festival and ensure that the fest operates smoothly and deadlines are met

  • Recruit and supervise seasonal staff, interns and volunteers

  • Oversee all aspects of programming the festival, both curatorial and administrative

  • Build and maintain professional relationships with sponsors/vendors/artists

  • Oversee the coordination of artist travel and local transportation, and ensure a positive experience for visitors

  • Research, outreach to, and negotiate with sponsors; see to the fulfillment of agreements

  • Execute fundraising efforts that include sponsorships, individual and business donations, ad sales, and fundraising events

  • Organize and secure resources necessary for other festival events

  • Develop and guide PR efforts to ensure media coverage of the festival

  • Develop an overall marketing plan and oversee development of the creative campaign and materials ranging from print to web to socials

  • Oversee production of festival program book and printed schedule, including writing copy, coordinating ads, and working with graphic designer/printer

  • Outreach to cultural and community partners to co-produce events

  • Oversee management of ticketing and accreditation

  • Secure venues, oversee management of venue operations

  • Secure equipment and technical personnel needed for production

  • Perform other misc. duties and responsibilities as they arise revolving the festival

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