Photo Cred: Julius Schlosburg

Photo Cred: Julius Schlosburg


JRECOGNIZE first launched back in Winter of 2013 when I was in bedrest for kidney stones and had the time (plus needed the distraction) to finally create this platform I wanted to life! And btw, at the time, I didn't know this platform was called a "blog." 

A platform where I had the creative freedom as a storyteller and visionary. 

Not only would it serve as a creative outlet to express and share my journey as (what I now call myself) a content and experience curator but would also serve as an abode that inspires others and spreads positivity. Something I'm very passionate about existing in everything that I do.

From showcasing other artists and entrepreneurs to collaborating with fellow creatives to sharing a personal life story - I document my life, the lives of others, and share informative posts for healthy self-development and dope insight.

I call JRECOGNIZE a brand because I stamp the name on everything that I create (both in and outside of this digital platform), such as the Tucson Hip Hop Festival.

So why the name? Well, simply said, it was inspired by the belief that I recognize unique people, places, stories and experiences that otherwise go unnoticed.