JRECOGNIZE first launched back in Winter of 2013. Initially, it was created just as an online platform where Jocelyn could publish and share all of her creative interests (without really even knowing this kind of platform is called a "blog").

The name "JRECOGNIZE" was inspired by the belief that Jocelyn recognizes unique people, places, stories and experiences that otherwise go unnoticed. 

Being that Jocelyn has so many creative interests and pursuits, JRECOGNIZE has shifted and molded many times over the years. So, followers from the beginning have really witnessed the evolution of the brand! 

As JRECOGNIZE has become more focused and continues to grow, it pushed its own boundaries of only being a blog to becoming more of a media platform of Jocelyn's content and experience curation. 

Right now, this includes (but is not limited to): personal blogging, long-form interviews, event planning, community collaborations, social media coverage, and freelance work for other publications (both digital and print). Future expansions include (but are not limited to): starting a podcast, adding more visual content, and a clothing brand.

Jocelyn strives to continue to provide insightful content. Content that is worth sharing.